singing books for children

I have written several books for use with upper primary.

The voice workbook for upper primary is how to sing PDF

The Theory book is read and sing PDF

These books are licensed as follows

Creative Commons License
This work by Jodie O’Regan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Australia License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
The songs :

For Teachers:

You can proceed through these books a page a lesson. But please feel free to skip or stay on one idea for as long as suits each student. I teach for about a term before bringing these books. On the whole I spend about a term building up the students’ ability to copy and model pitch and vocal technique. So that they are confident in attending to what I’m doing and reflecting it back. Ofcourse the most obvious way to do this it to teach songs phrase by phrase where “I’ll sing and you sing back to me”. This means much technical work can be set up just by modelling.

My own learning was classical singing so I certainly do encourage head register in my young singers. I don’t see any need to talk about this except in the rare cases where kids have trouble changing in either direction. Normally I just model and explain, simply the sensation of different placements and that is that.

Obviously I haven’t included copyrighted songs but there are some great ones to complement the workbook. For the first section of the book – SPACE – I love swing style songs like Dream a Little Dream of Me and Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. These sorts of songs can be sung super cool – so you can model round warm tone, but easy light singing with slight breathiness in the voice. For FOCUS gospel songs are great. I love Over the Rainbow for working on HEAD FOCUS.

With the theory book, I would use it to back up aural discovery of elements through songs. For example for the first term of teaching with upper primary students sing a variety of three note songs with only crotchets and quavers and discover d,r,m and ta and ti ti. how these are written and what their hand signals are.

A lovely book of songs for teaching theory

If you are interested in a Kodaly approach to teaching theory, check out Sound Thinking Austalia and as a good first book:

The Kodaly Method


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  1. emlyn says:

    Really excellent Jodo, you rock!

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